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Chinese Kickboxing
Rules & Regulations

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we will be using the iwuf 2017 sanda rules

And judged by certified ISKA (International Sports Kickboxing Association) judges. 

all athletes will need to provide the following during weigh-in

  1. Hardcopy of Combative Trio Bloodwork (Hep B Surface Antigen, Hep C Antibody, HIV)

  2. Doctor's clearance for full contact combat sports.
    Download Medical Clearance Form Below


  3. Copy of their health insurance

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determining the winner of the bout

  • The more effective fighter will be given the win for each round. The best of three rounds will be the winner of the bout. The effectiveness of the fighter will be determined by his technique, damage of strikes and amount of takedowns successfully executed.

  • Athletes competing for the first time in the first timer category will automatically receive a participation award certificate regardless of rank.

If you have any questions regarding our rules and regulations please feel free to contact us below.


team championship

The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will be awarded the Sanda Team Champion title. Championship Team will be awarded the Rising Phoenix Trophy 

points awarded

Every athlete listed under the same school can earn points for the team. Athletes can only earn points for one school.

Gold Medal - 4 Points
Silver Medal - 2 Points
Bronze Medal - 1 Point

For any inquiries or questions regarding the rules, please contact us below

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