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friday - athlete check-in 5pm - 9pm
saturday - competition day 9am Opening ceremony- 6pm competition ends

Saturday same day sign up - 8:00 am to 9:00 am

If you are unable to be present during the athlete check-in on Friday, please contact us at phoenixwushunationals and we will arrange to have your athlete bag ready on Saturday Morning.


To avoid long lines and delays we encourage everyone to sign up and register using our online system before February 15th! However, we will have same-day registration available for those who prefer to sign up the morning of the competition. 

open martial arts rules

All Forms:

  • 2 minute max time from entering the ring to the end of the form

  • No introduction of any type to begin form is allowed - bow to judges and begin

  • No prompts are to be used

  • No real weapons allowed for weapons forms

Musical Forms:

  • Music must be used

  • Traditional to extreme moves allowed

  • No weapons

  • The competitor is judged on the form going with the music as much as the Martial Art skill level 

Traditional Forms:

  • No gymnastic moves or passes of any kind

  • No tricking

  • Jumps and spins are allowed as long as they go with your tradition 

  • Tricking or gymnastics = disqualification 

Open Forms:

  • Must trick or gymnastic type moves

  • Not performing tricks or gymnastics = disqualification 





All Sparring​ rules


  • Martial Arts pants and 3/4 sleeve top must be worn

  • Foot, Rib, Hand, Head Gear required (foam dipped)

  • Mouth guard required

  • Groin protection for all males

  • Any two "official warning" = -1 point, each warning after is -1 point

  • Official warning = contact rules, out of bounds, illegal target, falling

  • Unofficial warning is when the Center Judge just wants to explain to a competitor

  • 2 points for kicks - 1 point for punches

Point Sparring:

  • 2 minute round or first to 7 points

  • If a tie at 2 minutes - sudden death, next point wins

  • Target areas are above the waist like an upside down T - side to side and chest - the entire head is a target area

  • Contact to the body must be made

  • Under black belts contact to the head gear is allowed - no contact to the face.  However a controlled non contact to the head or face which demonstrates contact could have been made may score a point.

  • Black Belts contact to the head and face allowed

  • All contact is touch - heavy, hard, malicious, intent to hurt contact may result is warnings, negative points or disqualification  

Continuous Sparring:

  • Two 45 second rounds

  • Competitor with the most points wins

  • If a tie the Center Official determines a winner by who they felt controlled the match

  • 2 side judges with score clickers in hand will watch 1 (one) competitor and click for each point at the end of 45 seconds the judges will switch competitors.  This making it fair.  Total points are added from both rounds

  • Continuous does not = full contact.  Same contact rules as point sparring.

  • Competitor must stop after a 5 continuous moves and reset

  • Failure to reset may result in - points

  • Center Official only breaks the match for safety, out of bounds, warnings or to control the match

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