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wushu Taolu
Rules & Regulations


general rules

Our Phoenix Wushu National Competitions will follow the 1999 IWUF Rules found below with the exception of First timer competitors and competitors under 15 Years old . Rules may be adjusted slightly at the Head Judge's discretion. Scroll down to find out more about our specific rules.

Download IWUF 1999 Rules below

For any inquiries or questions regarding the rules, please contact us below

Aerial, Butterfly, Butterfly Kick, Jump Kicks with any rotation, Flips are all considered Nandu.
If you have any movements of such in your form, please do not register for a Without Nandu or Beginner Event.  In the case of Compulsory Forms, please register for the applicable compulsory division. In the case of any such Nandu movements appearing in a form performed in a division specified for Without Nandu or Beginner Event, the competitor will be moved to a higher level division with Nandu.


Only Jump Front, Jump Snap Kick, Jump Thrust Kick allowed.


All Jumps with rotation of 360 degrees or less is allowed. Back Sweep and Front Sweep are also allowed. Aerials & Butterflies are also allowed.


All Nandu is allowed.

what is Considered nandu?


Age groups

All divisions will be separated by gender. Age groups will be determined by the year you were born.

G1.    6 Years Old & Under 

G2.    7 - 8 Years Old

G3.   9 - 10 Years Old

G4.   11 - 12 Years Old

G5.   13 - 14 Years Old

G6.   15 - 16 Years Old

G7.   17- 18 Years Old

G8.    19 - 25 Years Old
G9.    26 - 30 Years Old
G10.  31 - 36 Years Old
G11.  37 - 55 Years Old
G12.  56 Years Old & Above 


Time requirements

These rules apply to the all competitors with the exception of first timer competitors and also competitors that are 15 years old and under. 

1.    All Wushu Forms with the exception of Elementary forms must be 1 minute & 20 seconds or more
2.   Traditional Forms must be 45 seconds or more, but under 2 minutes unless it is a Taiji or Internal event.
3.   Taiji Forms (Including group sets) must be between 3-4 minutes. Head Judge will notify contestant of time requirement by blowing a whistle at the 3 minute mark to signify that the competitor has one minute left to finish the form. A second whistle will be blown at 3 minutes and 50 seconds and competitor must finish within 10 seconds after that. 
4.   Elementary Forms and competitors that are under the age of 15 will have a time requirement of at least 30 seconds.
5.   First timer competitors and 6 & under competitors will not have any time requirements. 

For any inquiries or questions regarding the rules, please contact us below


Grand Championship

Grand Champions of our tournament will receive a trophy, gift basket and a $50 gift card to be used at our next tournament. Below are the rules and eligibility for Grand Championship.

Age Groups:   

  • Male or Female Kids Grand Champion (12 Years Old & Under)

  • Male or Female Teens Grand Champion (13 - 17 Years Old)

  • Male or Female Adult Grand Champion (18+)

Grand Champion Eligibility

  • Must participate in 4 or more events (Must include one Handform, Short Weapon & Long Weapon) to be eligible to apply for Grand Champion.

For any inquiries or questions regarding the rules, please contact us below


  • The 3 highest scored individual events will be averaged for each Grand Champion contestant. The athlete with the highest averaged score will win in his/her group for the Grand Champion title.


other Rules

Miscellaneous rules and information regarding the competition including music, division grouping and rankings

Uniform Requirements

Competition silks along with Wushu shoes are preferred

Kung Fu T-shirt plus pants are also acceptable if competition silks are not available

Tennis shoes and street wear are not acceptable

Music Requirements

Music is required for all group events

Music used in routines must not contain vocals, narration or advertisement of any kind.


Fees & Division Grouping

Competition Fees 

  • Early sign-up rate is ($65 for the first event and $25 for any additional events)

  • Normal sign-up rate is ($75 for the first event and $30 for any additional events)

  • Early sign up rate for Grand Championship is $50 (Must compete in 4 or more events to qualify)

  • Normal sign-up rate for Grand Championship is $60 (Must compete in 4 or more events to qualify)

Group Competition Fees 

  • All Lion Dance groups will have a total fee of $185 (Early Registration) and $200 (Normal Registration) for the entire team (Including musicians and 1 lion dance team). Please have your team leader register for your entire team. If you have more than one team, please fill out individual registration forms for each team.

  • All Duilian Sets will have a group fee of $80 per set. Please have your team leader register for each set. If you have more than one set in the same division, please fill out individual registration forms for each set.

  • Group Sets will be $20 per person in each group set

Division Grouping

  • In the rare case that there are fewer than 4 people in a division we may combine the division with another similar division of the same age group and skill level.

  • If there are more than 10 people in a division, we may also separate the division into smaller groups. Medals and certificates will still be given to the top 3 competitors of each group. All competitors will receive a placement certificate.


Ranking & Awards

  • Competitors in each division will be ranked from highest to lowest according to competition score. Top 3 scoring athletes will receive certificates and medals according to their ranking. All other athletes will receive a ranking certificate. 

  • For group events, the top 3 groups will receive a trophy according to their rank and the members of those groups will each receive a certificate.

  • Athletes competing for the first time in the first timer category will automatically receive a participation award certificate regardless of rank.

If you have any questions regarding our rules and regulations please feel free to contact us below.

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