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phoenix Wushu Nationals

Compete in a wide variety of forms including Contemporary, Traditional and Internal Wushu events. Get ranked in the nation and compete in a friendly and encouraging environment! 

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 Adult mock Team trials

Challenge yourself to compete against the best adult athletes in the nation! See where you stack up before heading to the upcoming Team Trials and World Championships.

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Registration Coming Soon

Junior mock team trials

Compete against the best junior athletes in the nation! Practice performing your routines in front of the top judges before the upcoming Team Trials and World Championships.


phoenix lion dance nationals

Compete against other lion dance teams from all over the US!

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phoenix Wing chun nationals

Compete in our Wing Chun divisions and see where you rank!

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Phoenix martial Arts Championships

Open Forms, Traditional Formals, Weapons, Continuous Sparring, Point Sparring Team Sparring and more!

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Phoenix Sanda Nationals

Step onto the Leitai and compete against top Sanda fighters from US, Mexico and other countries! Adult, Youth and Kids divisions are open for registration!

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Phoenix Spar Wars

Wield your saber and challenge your skills against other martial artists in our Saber Sparring and flow competition!


Phoenix Sword sparring

Put your martial arts combat skills to the test in our sword sparring competition. Get ready for a fast-paced and exciting event that will train your reaction skills, speed, and accuracy!

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