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Jane Ho

Producer & Head of Marketing

Jane Ho is an expert martial artist, coach and concert pianist. She has won numerous titles in straight sword, spear and Taijiquan in the US. She is certified by the International Wushu Federation as an PAWF Judge and has served as a judge for US National Wushu Team Trials and Pan American Wushu Championships numerous times. She is currently the youngest PAWF Judge as well as the first and only certified US Female Sanda Judge. Jane Ho is an award winning coach. Under her guidance, several of her Wushu students has qualified for the US Team and competed internationally representing the US in World Championships and also Pan-American championships. Her piano students have also received Superior Honors at the ASP program. Jane Ho is dedicated to bringing out the best in each student and helping her students to achieve their dreams and goals.

Jane Ho is also a producer, videographer and graphic designer. She has helped to produce critically acclaimed theater productions of Mulan and Dynasty. She has filmed and produced trailers for feature films and global sporting events. Her work has been featured in CBS 5, East Valley Tribune, ABC 15, Yes Magazine, 1 Next Weekly and many more publications.

Jane Ho
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