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Master Ho


Master Ho has always loved martial arts since he was a child. At the age of 2, he saw his first Kung Fu movie and was fascinated by how a human can move with such precision and speed. From there, his passion for exploring martial arts has never ceased. At the age of 8, he started to learn the Yang Style Taiji Quan and later turned to studying Tae Kwon Do. Despite earning his black belt at the age of 14, it still did not seem to resemble to him what he saw in the movies when he was child.

He then decided to pursue Chinese Martial Arts and traveled to Taiwan to practice Guoshu. During his time in Taiwan, Master Ho trained in Traditional Kung Fu and Guoshu for 8 hours a day, and also mastered the internal martial arts of Xing Yi Quan and Taiji Quan. He fell in love with Chinese Martial Arts and realized his true passion was for Wushu. Master Ho then furthered his studies in Beijing, China and trained with the prestigious Beijing Wushu Team starting from 1983. Under the tutelage of the Grandmaster Wubin, the legendary coach of the undefeated Beijing Wushu Team from 1986 - 1992 and movie star Jet Li, Master Ho became a six consecutive time US National champion from 1986 - 1991. He made history and became the first athlete in the US to medal in the First World Wushu Championships hosted in Beijing.

After reaching the apex of this career in Wushu, Master Ho branched out into the movie industry when he was noticed by talent scouts from Hong Kong. He then traveled to Wuzhou, China to make action films and there he met Bonnie Fu, his future wife. In 1993, they married and shortly after moved to the US. Joined together by their passion for Wushu and performing art, they decided to open Phoenix Wushu Academy in 2010 to provide a place to nurture and inspire people of all ages to discover and learn more about Wushu and Chinese cultural arts.

Master Ho
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